The New Jersey Reentry Corporation (NJRC) is a non-profit agency with a social mission to remove all barriers to employment for citizens returning from incarceration.

Please join with us on Thursday, April 13 for our
Annual Prisoner Reentry Conference in Jersey City!


Our NJRC Reentry Conference on April 13, Holy Thursday, is less than a month away. We have a tremendous lineup, including Governor Christie, Mike Tyson, Reverend Sharpton, the presidents of The Fortune Society, The Osborne Association, John Jay College PRI, YouthBuild USA, and NJRC.
Speaker Prieto, state legislators, federal judges, special guest Yandy Smith and now Chef Jeff, America’s celebrity chef and founder of Felon University, will be presenting. Please take time to view Jeff’s story “from prison cook to top chef.”
We are now over 700 registrants. Registration will close shortly. Please register soon by visiting

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