Inspiring message from our client, Dara

Inspiring message from our client, Dara

Dara, one of Jim and Helena’s former clients from Integrity House, recently reached out to Jim with this inspiring email. Dara also completed NJRC’s program in Toms River. We’re so happy for her and wish her continued success!


First I just want to say Re-Entry in Toms River is amazing. I understand that you have a busy schedule, but I just wanted to get in touch with you and keep you up to date! I stopped in at Jersey City the other day to see you and Miss. Muhammad. Unfortunately, you weren’t there. Seeing Miss Muhammad made it all worth it… I can’t even begin to express the Gratitude. Kandice and Ellen from Integrity in Hudson got me into New Hope. I give my recovery everything I have.

The Re-Entry team down here is amazing, they got me into [sober living housing in Ocean County], which has given me the tools I needed to get myself an amazing job. You seriously have the dream team working down here. Jim, you are the best! Plus, no one else is cool enough to let us watch The Wire for group! =D The appreciation I have for you, Kandice, Miss Ellen, Miss Muhammad, and every staff member of Re-Entry isn’t even expressible, you guys legit helped and guided me in getting a life back and for thatqu I am forever grateful.

Thank you, 





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