Information Session with the Hoboken Shelter

Information Session with the Hoboken Shelter

We had a great visit at Martin’s Place yesterday with Jaclyn Cherubini, Executive Director of the Hoboken Shelter. She took time to speak with our clients and answered questions regarding the shelter and obtaining housing.

When many of our clients first return from prison or jail, it is necessary for them to rely upon the good work of shelters in providing for temporary, emergency housing. This is particularly true for individuals who have maxed out and for those returning from the federal system, probation, and drug court.

The Hoboken Shelter is a stopgap that prevents clients from returning to the streets. The stability of housing, food, and routine at the shelter helps clients reacclimate upon their release. This also allows clients to simultaneously enroll in NJRC’s orientation program, where they receive assistance in obtaining identification, which is required in order to access general assistance and, if necessary, emergency assistance for housing.

At NJRC, clients are also linked to addiction treatment through Integrity House, and are linked to a federally qualified health center, such as Metropolitan Family Health Network. The shelter also helps individuals in finding permanent housing.

The first 48 hours after a person’s release are critical. If we lose these individuals to the street, they are virtually gone; they are at higher risk of falling into old behaviors, such as drug usage. Many also have chronic health problems and require medical attention.

Thanks to the Hoboken Shelter, clients are provided with assistance and stability as they reenter society after incarceration.









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