Narrative Therapy: “If Success Was Inevitable…”

Narrative Therapy: “If Success Was Inevitable…”

This week, we are taking a look at our Newark clients’ responses to the following writing prompt during their narrative therapy session:

If success was inevitable…

NarrativeTherapy_Week2a_web“I’d get a couple of food trucks and name my business, ‘There Ain’t Nothing Like Your Grandma’s Cooking.’ I’d specialize in soul food like our families always made. You could call and we’d deliver. After all, everybody’s gotta eat!”—C.

“I’d think back to the struggle and I’d become a lawyer. I’d have all the knowledge of what the law actually is at my fingertips. Then, I’d have classes for people who don’t really know the rights we all have. In that way, they couldn’t be misled by police or by the legal system. My purpose would be enlightenment.”—D.

“I’d devote myself to God, self, and others. That would help me to do the right thing. I’d be a better father to my kids. I always cooked for a living and would open a catering business and live my life right.”—J.

“I’d start a mentorship program. I’d recruit people who had experience in life. Then I could offer at-risk youth a mentor who could help keep kids on track. I believe if one person helps you, it can make all the difference. We come to resemble the people we see as models. I’d use writing, like this program, because what you write down is what you create.”—R.

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