The New Jersey Reentry Corporation (NJRC) is a non-profit agency with a social mission to remove all barriers to employment for citizens returning from jail or prison.

The NJRC is premised on the ambition to create an environment which promotes pro-social norms, encouraging the establishment of attachments to positive rehabilitative cultures, strengthening bonds among peers who promote positive norms and values, and promoting family reunification. Participants receive individualized assessments and treatment plans that first address essential needs, including housing, treatment, mental health care, medical care, and access to health insurance and other public benefits to secure these essential needs. Download NJRC Program Data Infographic (2023)

The daily expense of supervising a probationer is twenty times less than the average expense of incarcerating an individual in prison or jail. The costs of imprisonment are increasing while the benefits are decreasing substantially.

Our capacity to secure public safety for our communities depends upon our ability to improve the management of the thousands of New Jersey individuals under probation and/or parole supervision. Proper recognition must be given to persons without resources, as post-release success frequently depends on the quality and services of support provided within a community. Furthermore, gainful employment is the most critical aspect of post-prison reentry. Job training, employment counseling, and employment placement programs are essential tools for effective reintegration and workforce development. The NJRC was developed after the successful implementation of a pilot reentry model in Hudson County/Jersey City in 2014 with the support of Governor Christie’s administration. The Hudson County/Jersey City reentry model was initiated through a series of strategic partnerships between the Hudson County Department of Corrections (HCDOC), the New Jersey Department of Family Services (DFS), and local non-profit providers. Also included are the Jersey City Employment and Training Program (JCETP) and Integrity House, a substance abuse treatment provider, both agencies with decades of experience of experience serving court-involved individuals. The HCDOC recognized that addressing the need for addiction treatment and successful return to society would result in improved public safety and established a Community Reintegration Program funded in part by a federal Second Chance Act grant. The program has been recognized by the United States Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Assistance and the National Institute of Justice “as being at the forefront of the reentry field.” The project is one of only seven in the country to be included in a gold standard evaluation by the National Institute of Justice.

Our Mission

Putting Our Community Back to Work. The NJRC works with returning citizens, employers, and community partners to remove barriers to employment so that everyone in our community can be safer, healthier, and better employed.

Our Vision

The NJRC strives to develop a culture where people with histories of incarceration face no barriers to employment and are no more likely to be arrested than people who have not been incarcerated.

Our Culture

The NJRC is a professional job and training procurement agency with a sensitivity to the unique needs that returning citizens have in finding and retaining quality employment. The NJRC is evidence-based, efficient, collaborative, apolitical, client-focused, and data-driven, and its employees at all times comport themselves accordingly.

Our Values The NJRC Values:

  • We Believe in Second Chances
  • Set the Stage For Employment: Clients are Sent to Jobs When They’re Ready
  • Clean Body, Clean Mind, Clean Job: Clients Need Sobriety, Health, Stability and Good Jobs
  • Seeing the Whole Client: Clients Need
  • More than Just Job Options, They Need Help Putting all the Pieces Together for a New Life
  • Data Is Our Friend: We Capture Everything So We Know What Works and What Doesn’t
  • Clients Are Individuals: We Focus on What’s Right for Each Particular Client
  • Time Is Everyone’s Greatest Resource: We Work Efficiently to Get Our Clients Back to Work Quickly
  • Safety is Paramount: We Never Put Our Clients or Employees at Risk