NJRC Ambassador Program

The New Jersey Reentry Ambassador Program is premised upon the initiative of Columbia University to increase dialogue between court involved persons, law enforcement, and representatives of the wider community. As part of this conversation, the court involved persons may share their experiences and aspirations, apologies and amends, and seek an opportunity to become more fully engaged with the civic community.

The Ambassador Program invites law enforcement, clergy and advocates, and court involved persons to grow a “social movement to institutionalize peaceful approaches to harm, problem solving and violations of legal and human rights.” The Ambassador Program is “in search of solutions that promote repair, reconciliation, and the rebuilding of relationships... seeks to build partnerships to reestablish mutual responsibility for constructive responses” (Carolyn Boyes-Watson, Suffolk University).

Current Ambassadors:

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Rev. Bolivar Flores

Chief of Staff


Leslie McRae

Board Member of NJRC


Sharon McGreevey

Director, Veterans Services


Jada Fulmore

Director, Community Outreach

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Fayimir Gedeon, Outreach Coordinator